Coronation holidays in Fidigarry

With Prince William and Kate Middleton’s wedding day approaching in April, I looked into some of the school log books the Library holds here in Stornoway to see if any other Royal events took place which affected school days gone by. I found this extract from Fidigarry School log book around the time of the King’s Coronation;

8th April 1937

A circular from the Executive Officer intimating that all schools in the area should be granted three days holiday (from 12th to 14th May inclusive) in celebration of the Coronation received.

 It follows on to read:

11th May 1937

Read the Secretary for Scotland’s message to the school children re: the Coronation. Gave out Coronation medals, sang “God save the King.” No school from tomorrow 12th to 14th May inclusive – they being the Coronation holidays.

I’m sure the children enjoyed this celebration and enjoyed receiving their Coronation medals more! Does anyone remember what the medals were like? If so, contact us at the Tasglann!

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