Glasgow University Special Collections

After a rather unexpectedly eventful week, I am now back in the Tasglann office after being frozen fog bound in Glasgow. But every cloud has a silver lining and this delay enabled me to pay a visit to the Special Collections at Glasgow University. After David kindly organising it for me at short notice, I made my way there on Tuesday afternoon to meet Sarah Hepworth who was going to show me around.

At the moment, they have examples of incunabula in their main display cabinet. For those of you who don’t know what the term means, incunabula means books which were printed pre 1501 and to fit with the festive period, they had on display two illustrated manuscripts which showed depictions of the Nativity.

Sarah went on to show me their repository which included William Hunter’s collection and also records relating to Professor Philip Hobsbaum who as well as being a poet and critic, also lectured at the University throughout the years. Amongst vast other collections of course!

I got the chance to look at some of the archives myself too and I chose the MacLagan manuscripts which is a collection Gaelic manuscripts collected by Rev James MacLagan between 1749 and 1805 which were very interested but at times, as you would expect, rather difficult to read!

It was great to have a tour around the Special Collections and a thank you must go obviously to Sarah for taking the time to show me around but also to David for organising it for me. Look out for more blog posts on my other visits (due to the frozen fog) in 2011!

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