Friday Christmas Gift; Loose Leaves from the Lews

In the spirit of all things Yuletide we have forgone our Friday Photo and instead present the Christmas gift given to Lord Leverhulme from his son in 1918.  This booklet contains a series of poems, photographs and sketches created both by Leverhulme himself and guests during their stay in Lewis in the Autumn of 1918. 

What is very interesting is the tone of poem shown above.  It was composed by Leverhulme and he seems to have a positive view of both the island and its people.   Lord Leverhulme is famous (amongst other things, such as buying up islands for philanthropic reasons) for his quote ‘I know half my advertising isn’t working, I just don’t know which half’.  I wonder if the failing advertisements rhymed?

Anyway, enough literary snobbery, those who know their history are aware that the Lord Leverhulme honeymoon period was not to last, as we will see from next week’s Friday Christmas card.

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One Response to Friday Christmas Gift; Loose Leaves from the Lews

  1. The poems text for those of you without eagle eyes!

    There’s a lovely bright island names Lews,
    Of all spots in the world I would choose,
    To live there for ever;
    Midst its people I’ll tather,
    Myself, and leave never,
    The lads strong and clever,
    Lassies bonnie as heather,
    Hearts light as a feather,
    A smile like the morning,
    Their faces adorning;
    What more need one say.
    So here ends my lay.
    May deeds and not words in love our hearts fuse.