Do you know where this is? ***Now we do!***

Yesterday Donna and David were lucky enough to visit Tolsta and meet with the historical society.   Whilst there, society member Rhoda mentioned that they too have an outdoor sermon photograph where they do not know the location.  The members are confident it was not taken in Tolsta, but they have no further details on it other than the photographer was Miss Christina Macleod (Chrissie Uilleim Chaluim) of Broker, Point who taught in Tolsta School from 1923-1926. 

If you recognise the location, please let us know by leaving a comment or e-mailing .

***UPDATE 25.11.10 UPDATE***

While we had Norrie Macgregor from Stornoway Historical Society in the office we decided to show him the above photograph, and again he recognised it straight away!  Not surprising really given that the house in the photograph was his grandfather’s house in Tolsta Chaolais!

The photograph is not actually an outdoor sermon, but a service for the unveiling of the Tolsta Chaolais war memorial in 1921.  As Norrie was keen to point out, Tolsta Chaolais was way ahead of their time, being one of the first in the Western Isles to erect a war memorial for WWI. 

If you look to the right of the man sitting at the table you can see Lord Leverhulme, who will be featuring in one of our Friday Photos soon!  And speaking of Friday Photos, check in again for tomorrow’s, as we will finally let you know that our fishy finds were not red herrings!

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