Mamma is not writing to-night; she is fatigued. She is reading up Pettigrew & Stephen’s & Copland & Lye’s catalogues instead, to see what she will buy. So far as I see, she is during the process saving much money… Stornoway 16th Jan. 1919

Extract of letter from Mr Gibson to Jean Gibson 16th January 1919

Mr and Mrs Gibson have had fun entertaining teachers, and have heard of the imminent arrival of Lord Leverhulme. Mrs Gibson has also been indulging in retail therapy whilst Barrie the cat is concentrating on getting his rest. The next in our series of letters from the W.J. Gibson collection held by Museum nan Eilean. Please get in touch if you have any comments:

Jean dear,

A nice long letter from you this morning, with much news!  We were pleased to hear of the successful gathering of the Residence girls at the Dawsons’.  Five of you – just the same number as Mamma had here last night of the teachers.  The new teachers were on her mind so she baked and made a fish pie (no meat obtainable!) and had ‘em.  There were Miss Reid, Miss Maggie Stewart, Miss Maclean, and her two Saturday night helpers, Miss Nicolson and Miss MacColl.  Mr. and Mrs. Wilson were asked but she was ill and they cd. not come.  They came at seven and we talked some, and looked at Bibby’s pictures, and had supper, and talked and laughed some more, and they “coomed away” about 10.30.

Mamma and I went round on Mon. evening and paid our call on Mr. and Mrs. Wilson.  She seemed quiet and rather “dowie”, but Mr. W. was brisk and cheery.  On Tuesday evening I had quite a rush.  We were getting out our reports, and I got finished just in time to go to a meeting of the Library Committee some three minutes late.

Lord Leverhulme is understood to be on the Minch to-night, and as there is a pretty stiff gale from the north, I rather think the “Sheila” is “catching it”.

So your English essay was in good time – and you think it feeble!  That’s a pity, but no doubt you’ll make up for it by a doughty one on “Utilitarianism”.  I note that I am to send Poetry Book, Sidgwick, and platinum wires – also money – but am too late to post these to-night.

I had a letter from John Macdonald.  He has got started – English Class & T. C. work and a summer class – Geology or other.  This will complete his M. A.  He wanted Chemi. but Prof. Soddy thought it was no good trying it so late in the session.  John said he saw you among the bottles in the Chemical Lab.  Don’t forget among the many other activities to get some of them started on to the idea of a Nicolsonian meeting.  Among the boys now up are John Macdonald, John Martin, Malcolm Macaulay, Roddy Macleod, and Willie B.; and quite a lot of girls.

Mamma is not writing to-night; she is fatigued.  She is reading up Pettigrew & Stephen’s & Copland & Lye’s catalogues instead, to see what she will buy.  So far as I see, she is during the process saving much money.

Barrie accepted your love demurely.  He is at present sleeping on the rug below my legs in a very tight circle.

Our best love. Papa

Ref: 1992.50.64iii/L22

Transcribed by Vivienne Parish, Museum Visitor Assistant

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