Friday photoblog

Instead of a photo I thought that this week I would look at few fantastic websites that make use of Rephotography.  Rephotography can be the creation a ‘then and now’ perspective in one image by taking an old image of a location and placing it against its modern day scene, or recreating an old image by taking a picture of the exact same location to compare and contrast it side by side.

Tying in with a new series called ‘Turn Back Time: The High Street’, the BBC have launched a Flickr group where contributors hold up an old photo of a building or street against today’s streetscene, creating a photo in a photo.  It is a new group, so there are not many images yet, but it is well worth a visit.  We want to get involved here at Tasglann and Turn Back Time on Stornoway’s streets and shops so if you have anything you would like to share, either a story or a photograph, please do get in touch with us

Over on the BBC Scotland site they are focusing on landscapes rather than streetscenes with their ‘Scotland’s Landscapes’ project.  The website has an interactive map where you can click on an image to find and old and new version of a landscape.  So far the Western Isles only has an image of Tarbert and of the Monach Isles, but if you have an old image, why not see it can create an exact modern day equivalent, and upload it for others to enjoy.  If you are not sure how to go about it have a look at this video to show you how to make your own rephotograph.

Lastly, the fabulous History Pin, a joint venture between We Are What We Do and Google, lets contributors upload their old images and place them directly onto Streetview, creating an instant rephotograph.  The sites aim is to get generations talking, and with the wealth of photographs uploaded so far, there is certainly a lot that could be discussed!  Again there are not too many images for the Western Isles, but I’m sure a visit to your local Comann Eachdraidh could solve that!

We may be in for a damp and dreech weekend weather wise, but these great sites will help you wile away the hours until the next dry spell where you will hopefully get out and about and create your own rephotographs!

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