The Literary had a good debate on Wednesday on Women Suffrage – the affirmation won: 39 votes to 23… Stornoway, 19th Jan 1917

Extract from start of Mr Gibson’s letter to Jean Gibson 19th Jan. 1917

Last week’s letter prompted an interesting enquiry in regard to NI teacher Mr AJ Tait who became the headteacher of Portree School in 1924. We are discovering so many interesting connections as a result of this project so please do let us know if you have comments.

This week’s letter mentions Jean’s planned Aberdeen theatre trip to ‘The Arcadians’ – a long running Edwardian muscial comedy generally regarded by theatre historians as one of the best of its kind. Mr Gibson also gives news of the Literary Society’s debate on Women’s Suffrage which had resulted in a vote in favour. The next in our series of letters from the W.J. Gibson collection held by Museum nan Eilean. Please get in touch if you have any comments:

Dear Little She-an,

I am very sorry you do not get your letter at the right time this week.  I did not remember last night that it was the letter evening until I came to wind up the clock at bedtime, though why I remembered then I do not know.  The New Year holidays had evidently put me off.  I’ll try to do better next week.

We were interested to hear about Prof.  Baillie’s lecture and Prof. Soddy’s chairmanship and the Residence’s discussion over the supper table.  Lucky folks, to be within reach of mental pabulum so entertaining.

Your Maths exam. marks, as the man said, show much progress – that is, from the first to the second.  Better luck next time as far as absolute standard goes!  Glad to hear of your visit to the Souters, and that Mr. T. turned up.  We wish we could come with you and Maud to “The Arcadians”.  We think Maud will enjoy Peter Doody.

Miss Fraser’s last day in school was Tuesday.  We miss her.  Miss Gammack, who is to succeed her, belongs to Insch, and is now teaching in Shettleston, near Glasgow.  She cannot come until 1st March.  Miss F. got presents from a lot of the classes – a toilette travelling case, a writing case, a suède hand-bag, a chain ditto, and the 6th gave her a gold curb bangle.

Our 2nd Term’s exams are due next week.  The Literary had a good debate on Wednesday on Women Suffrage – the affirmation won:  39 votes to 23.

I asked Barrie just now if I would send his love to you, and he looked amiable, which I suppose means “Yes”.

Best love from us both. Papa

Ref: 1992.50.64i/L22

Transcribed by Dawn Macdonald, Archive collections assistant

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