‘I hope also that you are attending to getting your Harris made; it will be so good for the really cold weather.’ Stornoway, 22nd Oct. 1916

Letter from Mrs Gibson to Jean Gibson. The next in our series of letters from the W.J. Gibson collection held by Museum nan Eilean. Please get in touch if you have any comments: archives@cne-siar.gov.uk .

Dear Jean

We got your letter yesterday and were much interested to hear of all the girls and of all your doings. You have not yet told us anything about the Residence or of the way of life there. Doubtless you will do that too soon. Neither do you tell us anything about Maud. Be sure you do when you write again, also about the other Nicolson girls from time to time. It was nice that Mr. Taylor had you to tea so soon. You do not tell us how he is now. Is his health still troubling him. Hope you enjoyed yourself at the Mackenzie’s yesterday. I’m sure the flat is very nice.

Yes, be sure you see the dentist soon and also see about new glasses. When you are at Mr. Milne’s don’t forget about the little present for Mr. Anderson’s baby. Have you done anything yet about a coat and water-proof? When you get a new waterproof please send mine back to me as we arranged. I hope also that you are attending to getting your Harris made; it will be so good for the really cold weather. Wear your blue one as much as you can before it is too old fashioned. Take a little bit of your tweed and buy 5 cuts of 4 ply fingering of the right colour and post to me. You are more likely to get it nice in Aberdeen. Now I am sure you think that enough in the way of instructions at present.

Maggie and I have been doing a little cleaning this week in preparation for her going away. We are hoping also to get the peats all in before she goes. I was at the sewing meeting on Wednesday and got wool for a scarf which I have now well on the way. I am also making a sleeping suit for Papa. Be sure you let me know if there is any thing more you would like me to get or to make for you.

I was at Mrs. Morison’s at afternoon tea one day. We had such lovely cakes that Maud had sent from Aberdeen. Mrs. Menzies and her cousin Mrs. Orrock, Mrs. Cameron, Miss McInnes, Mrs. Aldridge were all there.

Another day I had a walk with Miss Angus. On Friday Mrs. Macleod (Aberdeen) and also Mrs. Bain dropped in and before they had gone Mrs. Mackenzie (Garrynahine) and Chrissie came with a fine salmon. Yesterday Papa and I walked out to Laxdale to hurry Donald Ross up with the peats. Today we were at church in the morning. Mr. McNiven was preaching as I understand Mr. Mills is south trying to arrange for a substitute to let him off like Mr. Menzies. We did not get our usual Sunday walk as the rain came on. So we have just been reading and talking as usual. No visitors today. Mr. Clark was expected home last night but we have not seen him. Have you had any word from Bessie?

Miss Elsie Mair was in on Friday night. She had had a wire from Australia offering her an appointment, resident and £100 a year with prospects. Also offering the same to her graduate sister to accompany her. Elsie is going and yesterday I understand was accepting by cable. (3/- a word). Vicky not going.

Papa had a very nice and appreciative letter from Lord Haldane in which he said many kind things about “Educ. in Scotland”. We both think it rather surprising that such a busy man would take the trouble. It is a lesson to us people who are not Lords is it not!

Much love from us both.

Your loving Mother

Transcribed by Dawn Macdonald, Archive collections assistant

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