‘Now Sheann, all good wishes for the new life. Work hard and play hard and try to make those about you happy.’ Stornoway, 16th Oct. 1916

As promised last week, here is the full transcript of the first letter sent to Jean Gibson from her mother. Please get in touch by email if you have any comments: archives@cne-siar.gov.uk.

Dear Jean

Papa and I are much obliged to you for letting us know so very promptly of your arrival first at Oban and then at Aberdeen. We were specially glad that Mr. Anderson had managed to meet you as we had wired him that you were arriving in the evening. Now we will be longing for your first letter telling us all your experiences.

Just as the steamer moved off yesterday Ellis ran up hoping to see you. Mrs. Orrock had told her after church that you were going and she hurried down. Papa and I went round Moss-end with Mr. and Mrs. Morison and Miss Maggie Robertson who joined us at the corner. Mrs. M. did not think you were going till night. Ham and Cocoa for dinner. Then read till church time when we both went. During the evening heard Barrie crying and found him up in your room. Shut in. I asked him what he had been doing in there but he didn’t say.

We were much comforted to find the wind dying down as the evening came in and hoped you were having it fairly smooth. Had supper and the reading as usual and so to bed and I knew no more till I woke at nearly 7 this morning. So you see I followed your advice exactly. Today Maggie and I have been busy as usual at the chores. After dinner I went to the Reading Room but there were no fresh magazines and as I had forgotten my spec’s I didn’t stay long. Met Miss Angus as I came out and she went with me round Moss-end. Met Chrissie Maclean careering down the Target Hill on her bike. It looked good. Miss Angus says that Katie Smith is settled in at the Hostel and is greatly taken with Miss McKnight (the Warden, I suppose).

I wonder what you are doing this evening. I cannot guess at all, I am sure you must be feeling very tired after your long journey. I wonder if you have seen Maud. Give her Papa’s love and mine and tell her to write us when she can find time. Have you made acquaintance with your room mate? I hope she will like you and you her.

Now Sheann, all good wishes for the new life. Work hard and play hard and try to make those about you happy. I don’t want to preach but would like you to know that Papa and I will not forget any day to pray for our little lass.

Your loving Mother

P.S. Love from Papa

Transcribed by Dawn Macdonald, Archive collections assistant

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