Gibson Collection Project

During this time of the Cornonavirus emergency, some of the Museum and Archive staff have been busy transcribing letters from the W.J. Gibson collection. This extensive collection was gifted to Museum nan Eilean by the executor of Lady Jane Urquhart (nee Jean Gibson), the daughter of W.J. Gibson, who was rector of the Nicolson Institute from 1894 to 1925. It includes a highly intriguing series of letters.

In October 1916 Jean Gibson left Stornoway, bound for Aberdeen University. Over the following 10 years, Mr and Mrs Gibson wrote to ‘She-ann’ (their affectionate nickname for their daughter) two or three times a week. The letters give us a fascinating insight into life in Stornoway and Lewis at this time, especially as the Gibson household seems to have been a hive of sociability, with frequent visitors bringing news from near and far.

We plan to bring you a selection of the letters over the next few months. We hope you enjoy them as much as we have. This is a short extract from the first letter. Keep an eye out for the full transcript, coming soon!


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