Poor Relief Records and Insects!

This is the General Register Roll for the Parish of Stornoway

General Register Roll for the Parish of Stornoway

Can’t believe its Friday already and my third week is almost finished. This week I have been mainly researching the Poor Relief Records of the Parish of Stornoway and finding out about some interesting people and their stories. It always amazes me what I find out through these registers.

I have been mainly looking at the periods between 1890 -1895 and 1910-1914. A few cases caught my eye during my research and I hope to find out more about them. One of them is the ‘Bellman’ of Stornoway that lived in Newvalley and I would love to know which bell he would have been responsible for. If anyone knows more, please let me know. All the research I am doing at the moment will hopefully become an educational resource for schools. Studying the Poor Relief Records actually give me a good insight into the local history of the town and I aim to let you know more as the weeks go on.

Trainee at work

Researching the records

But not all the work of the archivist is as glamourous as looking through old books, papers and records. Part of the work involves looking after the articles and in order to do that, I had to learn about insect monitoring this week. In fact, this morning we investigated many insect traps and tried to identify what was in them. This is to make sure we don’t have anything that could damage any of the artefacts in the museum or the archives we store. It’s a really good job I am not too squeamish!


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