Friday photo: Fishing at Castlebay

We return to the ever lovely Barra for two photos this week.

Castlebay looking out to Vateray

The first shows the view down the main street in Castlebay looking out to the castle and Vatersay in the distance.  I love the line of fishing boats stretching out in the water as if you could almost walk across them to Vatersay, although you’d need to swim the last bit!

Curing station in Castlebay, Barra

The second image I think shows the site of what is now the village of Horve showing the fish curing stations that played a key part in the herring industry.  Castlebay would be full when the herring fleet called in and the coast was covered in curing stations where the catch would be salted and barrelled for onwards transport.  There is now a herring walk in Castlebay that commemorates this trade and its well worth a wander.

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