Friday photo: Right down at the bottom of the chain

Often when talking about the islands, people use the phrase Butt to Barra, signifying the area covered by the Western Isles from the Butt of Lewis down the to the island of Barra.  However, this does a disservice to the small groups of islands known at the Bishop’s Islands to the south of Barra including Vatersay (not sure this actually constitutes one of the Bishops Islands?!), Pabbay, Mingulay and Berneray. 

Barra Head Lighthouse

The most southerly is the island of Berneray which is the home of the Barra Head Lighthouse, situated in a commanding spot on the southern headland of the island.  The lighthouse became operational in 1833 and was build by the famous lighthouse builder, Robert Stevenson.  From 1931-1980, the only occupants on the island were the lighthouse keeper and his family.  The lighthouse became automated in 1980 and the island is no longer inhabited.

I particularly like the cart situated in front of the lighthouse buildings in this image.  Presumably, it was use to ferry good back and forth from the pier conveniently situated on the other side of the island and down a rather steep hill!

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