Tasglann nan Eilean Siar joins the Comhairle’s heritage service

Tasglann nan Eilean Siar finished as project funded by Comhairle nan Eilean Siar, ERDF and Comunn na Gaidhlig in November 2013.

The project ran for three years and in that time identified and mapped over 200 archive collections across the Outer Hebrides, helped over 50 businesses and estates with their archives and worked with many historical societies and groups to help them care for their records.  Over 750 individuals were recorded as having first hand access to archive material through individual private research, displays, events or exhibitions.  Over 125 individuals received training in archive management, over 350 enquiries were answered and the ground works for a permanent archive service for the islands was set.

The project website at www.tasglann.org.uk gives details of project activities, outputs and images as well ads advice and guidance on archive matters.  Importantly, it includes a searchable database of archive collections held across Scotland , many of which are held within the islands themselves by historical societies, businesses, organisations and individuals.  The website will continue to be added to and maintained.

The project staff have all moved on to other heritage or information management roles within the islands.  The former Project Manager is now the Archivist based within the Comhairle’s heritage team.  This team is currently working hard to prepare and deliver content for the new HLF-funded museum and archive at the Lews Castle site in Stornoway.  An Activity Plan is a key aspect of this project and much of the outreach and work undertaken by the Tagslann team is included within the Plan.  So, the Tasglann’s activities continue!

The Tasglann blog, facebook, website and Twitter accounts will continue to be maintained with some minor amendments or amalgamations with aspects of the Comahirle’s heritage team communications methods.

However, for now, I think it’s about time we resurrected the Friday photo, don’t you?!

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