Buns and bribery at Carloway School, 1885

Tasglann hosted Tom Mackenzie recently who was on a work experience placement from his school in Lancashire.  As part of his placement he box listed the records of Carloway School and found the following story in the pages of one of the school’s Log books, which he paraphrased below.  He also scanned the page and prepared it for web publication so you can see the challenge he had in reading the writing!

Extract from Carloway School Log Book 27 November 1885

Lady Matheson and the Hon. Miss Murray, accompanied by Mr McKenzie, Gairloch, visited the school on the 23rd November 1885. Lady Matheson inspected most of the classes with a lot of care and patience; she was very pleased with the appearance made by most of the children. She then went on to advise them to try and attend school as frequently as possible with the promise that if they attended well they will be invited to a soirée (party) sometime in winter. Lady Matheson and Miss Murray then distributed amongst the children a large supply of apples which her ladyship had kindly brought from the Castle. On the 27th a lot of children came to school to receive their share of the supplied buns provided for them by the Lady Matheson herself.

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