Friday photo: Comhairle & the Whale

School log books often throw up surprises and odd juxtopositions as this example from Bragar School for May 1975.

Bragar School log book May 1975

There must have been great excitement in the school following a visit by the P4-7’s visit to the beach to see the “42ft whale which had been washed ashore.”  Having grown up in land-locked English county, I can only sit here green with envy that nothing of the like turned up on our doorstep that warranted a visit (please sir, not Hams Hall Power Station AGAIN)!

But, reading the next entry in the log book places the whale into complete insignificance: “New regional set up begins today.  We now come under Western Isles Islands Council.”  Not only is the new authority’s name almost impossible to say quickly aloud (go on, try it) but I bet I know which event the pupils at the school remember!

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