Friday image; Barra and the Bishop’s Isles

We recently came across a beautiful 17th century map of the Uists, Barra and Bishop’s Isles entitled Vistus Insula vulgo Viist in Stornoway Library’s map collection.

Map of Barra and the Bishops Islands, 17th century

The map is made up of two pages and the  section shown above shows Barra and the Bishop’s Isles.  The pages appear to have been removed from a 17th century printed travel diary of a French explorer.  My school boy French is pretty dire, but it appears the writer discusses their trip to various smaller Hebridean Islands referred to in French as Linge, Gigarmene, Bernere, Magale, Pabbe, Sandere, Vaterse and Barre – all of which can be seen in the map above.

I particularly like the little drawing of “Chastel Kyslum” in Castlebay.  Definitely one of those detailed maps you can lose yourself in for hours!

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