Lewis Society of Detroit

Recently, I have been looking into the records of the Lewis Society of Detroit. Founded in approimately 1918/1919, the Society was formed to enable those with Isle of Lewis connections, living in the city, to meet and organise social evenings and functions. They elected a president, secretary etc but also, a bard and a piper (or pipers!) to provide entertainment through poetry and piping at their gatherings.

An annual picnic was held where races would take place for the children and small prizes were given. There was also an entertainment committee established who dealt with organising social and entertainment events. They would have a variety of features at these events, for example, movie or picture nights.

The Society kept ties with the Island in a minute book entry from 1929, it states:

$50.00 was also sent to the Lewis Hospital to aid in the building of their extension.”

The Society would celebrate members returning to Lewis. In a minute entry dated March 26th 1953, it reads: “It was moved and seconded that we give Mr and Mrs Angus MacIver a farewell party at the next regular meeting as they leave for Lewis in May.”

Above is a picture of the Society’s Constitution, dated 1941.

The Society dispanded in approximately 1972 but we can see from their records how closely knit the group were and how deeply they cared about and fondly remembered their island roots.

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