A busy week

Stornoway Port Authority - Amity House, Stornoway

Stornoway Port Authority - Amity House, Stornoway

Oops – its Thursday and no blog post!  Shame on us.  As you can probably guess its because we’ve been busy folk here in the Tasglann.  We’ve a couple of exciting things to announce next week but for now here is what we’ve been up to!

We’ve spent part of the last few weeks working with the Stornoway Port Authority to undertake a thorough survey of their records. 

The Authority, or the Stornoway Pier and Harbour Commission as it was formerly known, was set up by Sir James Matheson in 1864.  This makes it the longest established organisation in the Western Isles (we think!).

We’re in the process of identifying and creating a survey list of the records that they hold of historical value.  This isn’t just the minute books and volumes or the organisation, but also the numerous boxes of records including title deeds and land records many of which date back into the 18th century relating to land inherited by the Authroity.

As part of our project’s aims and objectives we will be working with numerous businesses and organisations to help gain an understanding of the archives they hold, to offer advice on their management and preservation and to create survey lists of what is held in order to facilitate access and use of them by the organsiation and hopefully the wider public.

Image courtesy of Bays of Harris’ Flickr photo stream.  For more information see here.

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