Friday photo; Creepy picture

Halloween is not till Monday but I wanted to put up a creepy pic to see you through this weekend!  There is something very frightening about the image of diving and gas masks, be it the fact that it seems to transform a human into an otherworldly creature, or the fear it instils of war time attacks.  I’m sure this phobia has not been aided by the terrifying Doctor Who episode ‘The Empty Child’, which certainly featured heavily in my nightmares for a good few months after screening.

This image above was kindly lent to us by Donna’s uncle, Donald Carmichael, so a big thank you goes out to him!  We believe it was taken during World War II at ‘Port D’ near Keose in Lochs.  Port D was opened in 1942 to train Navy and Royal Marines to use Chariots (human torpedoes) and X-crafts (small submarines).  The training was very dangerous, with many of the men left with injuries such as burst eardrums and oxygen poisoning.   The camp was dismantled in September 1943 as training was moved to Port HHZ in Loch Cairnbawn.

We would be very interested to hear from anyone who recognises the image, if you do, please get in touch!

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