Bac two skool

We all remember that mixture of excitement and dread that signalled the end of the long summer and the return to school.  As you can see in th epage below from the Mingulay school log book, the school was closed for three weeks in December 1908 due to teacher illness and I’m sure that many Western Isles children would hope for the same this week to extend their holiday! [Though in my school that meant we got the scary supply teacher who was actually far worse!]

Page from Mingulay Log Book

Also to mark the return to school, we also have a page from the St Kilda school log book for 1930 that records the death of a Mrs John Gillies and her baby and the visit of Tom Johnston MP, Minster for Scotland, visiting the island prior to its evacuation that summer.

Page from St Kilda School log book

These images on here are not the clearest, but both the Mingulay and St Kilda log books have now been digitised through a partnership between the Tasglann and the National Records of Scotland (formerly the National Archives of Scotland).  These can be browsed in crystal clear quality following the links above or by visiting Enjoy!

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