Friday Photo; Native American Links

This coming Wednesday (July 27th)  North Tolsta Historical Society will be holding an event led by Joan Hogg (née Mackay) who will give a presentation of her visit to Canada, where she researched her links with the Métis people.  Joan is descended from Murdo Mackay and his wife Marion Isorhoff, who was Cree.  The talk starts at 7.30pm and will be held in the Community Hall with a collection at the door in support of the Play Park Funds.

Many Western Isles men went to North America and married Native American wives.  The above photo, kindly lent to us by North Tolsta Historical Society, is of Angus Smith and his wife who was Native American.  Angus worked for the Hudson Bay Company from 1853-1859, he settled at the Red River Settlement in 1862, which is now Winnipeg.

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4 Responses to Friday Photo; Native American Links

  1. My name is Dean Smith from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. I have a copy of this photo as these are my great grandparents Angus Smith from North Tolsta and Mary nee Inkster daughter of James? Inkster – a Hudson Bay man – and a Cree indian woman. I visited North Tolsta and Stornoway in 1982. I am related to Smiths, Murrays and Morrisons. We stayed at the Crown Hotel which was at the time owned by relatives Tommy and Mary Dodds. My email
    I would love to hear from any of you from Lewis.

  2. Hello Dean, thank you for leaving a comment on our blog. Have you been in touch with Tolsta Historical Society? Their e-mail is and their website is , they are always keen to hear from those with Tolsta connections!

    Katie Anne Maciver
  3. I must correct my Dec 29 response. Mary’s father was a James Inkster (Hudson Bay Company man) and mother was Isabella Sanderson. Isabella’s parents were Robert Sanderson (born about 1794 in Manitoba) and a Cree woman named Mary. Robert’s father was James Sanderson who was likely a Hudson Bay man. I can find no record for Robert’s mother, but she may have been a Cree woman also.

  4. Hello,
    I am too also an ancestor of the Isle of Lewis. The above picture is my great-grandfather Angus Smith and Mary nee Inkster Smith. I have also been in touch with Dean Smith and several years ago the Histocial Society- Donald Murray. it is wonderful that Dean was able to put me in touch with this site. I am researching the Smith/ Inkster line . Angus Smith birth and siblings and his father is my goal . James Inkster (1773),son John Inskter(1807)his daughter my great-grandmother Mary Inkster(1836).I presently live in Ontario Canada.