Friday photo; the Wombles of Lews Castle are we

Today’s Friday Photo was inspired by Wimbledon and Tuesday’s Lews Castle consultation event.  The postcard shows the castle with the greenhouses still intact and with the tennis court marked out.  On Tuesday between 3pm and 8pm, everyone is invited to have a look round the castle and see the proposed re-development in the foyer of Lews Castle College.  As David wrote earlier this week the Tasglann team will also be there with a display of records.  Come by and say hello!

About David Powell

Project Manager and Archivist with Tasglann nan Eilean Siar
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2 Responses to Friday photo; the Wombles of Lews Castle are we

  1. The Wombles have done a good job – that lawn is spotless!

  2. Halo i would just like to say i thoroughly enjoyed what had to be said about the futer of Lews Castle today,the team behind the plans architect Malcom Fraser have got it looking realy paramount.From my own personal opinion i would like to add that i beilive the Lews Castle is the heart of this Island and it need’s the treatment it deserves, for futer generation’s to love and share it’s beauty and it’s surroundings for many years to come.Kind Regards Derek