Friday photo: Of Friday photos!

Friday photos boxed

OK, this is a poor excuse for a Friday photo, but Katie Anne is off, Donna is on holiday and David can’t work the scanner so has had to resort to photography!  Above you can see the photograph collection of Stornoway Library that Katie Anne raids for our weekly Friday photo feature. 

The chemical makeup of photographs means that excessive exposure to light can cause significant damage such as fading or bleaching.  Therefore, we keep them enclosed in these acid-free ring-binder boxes where light can’t get at them yet people can access them as an when they wish. 

Photographs in archive storage

Regular handling of photographs leads to unintentional damage such as scuffed corners, creasing and images falling out of their logical orders or sequences.  Natural moisture and grease from even the cleanest of hands can also build up over years of handling which is why many archives ask people to wear gloves.  So, for protection, each photograph is now mounted in a clear, inert plastic sleeve so that users can view them without touching the actual image.  This is by no means unusual, and those of you who have visited Comainn Eachdraidh to use their extensive photograph collections will no doubt be used to such boxing and packaging that helps to ensure that these photographs last for generations to come.

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Project Manager and Archivist with Tasglann nan Eilean Siar
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